EAE – The voice of ETICS in Europe

19 May 2022 in Prague –
6th European ETICS Forum

EAE - European Association for External Thermal
Insulation Composite Systems

About EAE

European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE) is the voice of the…

EAE’s objectives

Representation in European standardization, approval and legislation processes as well as general representation…

Support of EU 2050 objectives

Learn more on how EAE and ETICS support Europe’s short-term and long-term political ambitions…

European Energy Efficiency Guide 2024

Europe set sails for becoming net carbon neutral by 2050. What has been achieved? What needs to be done? Our study will be unveiled on 22 May 2024!

EAE Awards 2023/2024

We received numerous amazing and inspiring from across Europe. After the jury meeting the list of nominees with amazing projects has been published on our website. The winners will be announced on 22 May 2024 in Brussels. Register now and celebrate with us!

News and Press

10 Recommendations for an energy-efficient Europe

Set new priorities – from new buildings towards energy renovation
Establish Europe-wide standards for energy efficient construction
Create investment security
Allow for new renting models
Promote renewable energies appropriately
Modernize social housing
Improve renovating quality
Create modern funding instruments
Promote communication about energy efficiency
Improve the database to create standardized framework conditions

Benefits of ETICS

Can you believe that in the future the energy consumption of each building across Europe will reduce to zero? No matter of a kindergarten in the countryside or a high-rise building in the centre of a huge city. But ETICS can do much more then saving energy and protecting the climate:


ETICS increase living comfort and value of buildings.


ETICS help to create and
develop new jobs.


ETICS help to increase Europe’s economic competitiveness.


ETICS reduce the risk of
energy poverty.