The European Association for ETICS (EAE) has once again expanded the circle of its extraordinary members with Paroc GmbH (Hamburg).

The company, which is part of Owens Corning, supplies thermal, sound and fire protective insulation made of rock wool for facades, roofs, floors, ceilings and walls, as well as technical insulation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, among others. Herbert Eusewig, Sales Manager Paroc Europe, on the motivation for accession: “In times of globalised markets, EAE is actively involved in Europe as a competent partner for sustainable construction and renovation. As one of the leading manufacturers of rock wool products with over 80 years of experience, energy-efficient insulation solutions and technical know-how are our contribution to the protection of the environment. Cross-border networking is the key to success, so the EAE membership is very important and useful for us.

EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker made clear the growing importance of his organisation as an industry representative at international level when handing over the membership certificate: “At present, a variety of overarching legislation is being discussed at European level: European Green Deal, Renovation Wave, revision of the Construction Products Regulation or EU’s way to a Circular Economy. As EAE, we are intensively involved in these processes that are crucial for the ETICS industry. In collaboration with our national members, we support and shape the implementation of the decisions taken in Brussels into national regulation and support programmes. EAE members make this work possible through their contributions and can at the same time contribute directly to the discussions with the shared know-how.

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