With great pleasure EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker (left) handed over the certificate of EAE membership to Sebastian Van Droogenbroeck, Category Director Façade and Clay Pavers, in Brussels.

Wienerberger Building Systems (WBS) was warmly welcomed as a new supporting company member. As supplier of brick slips for ETICS, they showcase the amazing variety of design options ETICS nowadays offer. With WBS entering the EAE, the entire ETICS value chain is represented in EAE, including facings.
Sebastian van Droogenbroeck explains: “Wienerberger is a leading provider of smart solutions for the entire building envelope. The product range includes, among others, clay blocks, roof tiles and facing bricks, of which brick slips in particular have become an increasingly important part of the portfolio in recent years. Terca brick slips are “thinner versions” of genuine facing bricks, with the same appearance and properties as conventional facing bricks and can either be cut from genuine bricks or are purpose made.

Within the framework of its Sustainability Program, Wienerberger is pursuing ambitious ESG targets and just recently launched the first CO2-neutral production line for brick slips with an electric kiln at the Kortemark site in Belgium. As brick slips are often applied to an ETICS system in renovation or new construction, Wienerberger is proud to be acknowledged as a supplier in this important façade market segment through its extraordinary membership of the EAE.”
We say: warm welcome and looking forward to good collaboration!

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