The beginning of 2020 marks an important step in EAE’s development. After a decade of shared offices and staff with its German founding member, EAE now acts independently and improved its capacities and visibility in Brussels.

EAE’s board of directors met in January in the Brussels office to further adjust the strategy which had been approved by the General Meeting in September 2019. The board members welcomed Managing Director Ralf Pasker who is now fully employed by the European association after already working partly for EAE for a decade. They thanked the German member association VDPM for the valuably support to establish EAEand for the smooth transition to the new setup.

The board identified the following topics as key priorities for 2020:

  • Review and revision of the Construction Products Regulation
  • Ressource efficiency and circular economy
  • Construction 2030
  • Marketing
  • Climate action

Renovate Europe’s Campaign Director Adrian Joyce attended the meeting, explaing latest available information about the Commission’s proposal for a European Green Deal and its possible implications for the campaigns and EAE. Both parties confirmed their willingness to continue and intensify their collaboration.

EAE’s board (from left): Jacek Kulig (SSO/Poland), Ralf Pasker (Managing Director), Ruud Van Eersel (IVP ETICS/Belgium), Alessandro Siragusa (Cortexa/Italy), Prof. Zuzana Sternova (OZ ZPZ/Slovak Republic), Christoph M. Stolz (VDPM/Germany), Dr. Clemens Hecht (QG WDS/Austria).

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