New President Leads EAE in Future-Oriented EU Projects
14. January 2021
The European Association of ETICS (EAE) has consistently expanded the scope, spectrum and intensity of activities in Brussels and among European member associations in 2020. In the year just begun, this course will continue under the newly elected President and a central event will be held with the ETICS Forum.
EAE continues to grow – Paroc declares accession
28. October 2020
The European Association for ETICS (EAE) has once again expanded the circle of its extraordinary members with Paroc GmbH (Hamburg).
Renovate Europe Day 27th October 2020
14. October 2020
Citizens are more concerned than ever about their jobs, well-being and quality of life. Energy renovation stands at the intersection of the EU’s green priorities and growth objectives – the linchpin to EU’s recovery.
EAE Award 2021: tender opened
14. September 2020
For the first time ever the EAE Award 2021 ceremony will be included in the program of the 5th European ETICS Forum, taking place on 25th March 2021 in Prague/CZ.
Belgium: IVP-ETICS becomes
31. August 2020
EAE’s Belgian member federation of manufacturers of exterior wall insulation systems has a new look.