See what EAE is doing
1. March 2022
Curious in what EAE is doing? Our Annual Report 2021 & Outlook 2022 has just been released. It briefly describes how EAE is engaged on behalf of its members to follow-up political and legislative initiatives to make the Green Deal happen.
Welcome to our new Spanish member: ANFAPA
3. February 2022
During the virtual General Meeting held 16th December 2021, EAE welcomed Asociacion de Fabricantes de Morteros y SATE as a new ordinary member. General Secretary Robert Benede introduced ANFAPA, established in 1987, representing the interests of the Spanish manufacturers producing mortars and ETICS.
EAE welcomes new company member Klimas
2. February 2022
Klimas just entered EAE as a new supporting company member. Paweł Polak, Global Product Manager, explains why: „The participation of KLIMAS Fastener Technologies in the prestigious European Association for ETICS is an opportunity for us to share and expand our knowledge and to co-create the European ETICS growth.
The first ever EAE Awards 2021
6. October 2021
EAE, the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) celebrated as part of the 5th European ETICS Forum held 16th September 2021, the first ever EAE Awards for outstanding energy-efficient buildings in Europe using ETICS.
EAE’s 5th European ETICS Forum showcased increased awareness and clear commitment to higher energy-efficiency of buildings in Europe
6. October 2021
For the first time as an online event, the European Association for ETICS (EAE) held its 5th European ETICS Forum. Around 200 participants from Europe, Asia and North America joint for the entire duration of the conference.