Willco Products NV joins EAE
9. June 2021
Willco Products NV is a family-owned Belgian company with long experience in wall cladding and wall insulation. They are supplying renders and ETICS to professional installers mainly in Flanders, Wallonia and Luxembourg. Willco offers a variety of ETA and ATG approved ETIC systems. They are in parallel members of EAE’s Belgian member association Xthermo.be.
ETICS are amazing – for the environment, the economy and the people
23. March 2021
EAE’s new fact sheet highlights the multifold benefits ETICS can deliver in the context of the Recovery & Resilience Package and the Renovation Wave.
New President Leads EAE in Future-Oriented EU Projects
14. January 2021
The European Association of ETICS (EAE) has consistently expanded the scope, spectrum and intensity of activities in Brussels and among European member associations in 2020. In the year just begun, this course will continue under the newly elected President and a central event will be held with the ETICS Forum.
2019 started with interesting news
27. February 2019
Right at the beginning of 2019, we received interesting news from two EAE member associations.