EAE position on RePowerEU
10. May 2022
In its position paper EAE reminds policy makers on European and national level of the role energy-efficiency must play.
ETICS are amazing
5. May 2022
ETICS – the winning solution. In autumn last year we celebrated the first EAE Awards ever. We were amazed about the huge number of projects submitted from across Europe, representing a variety of building types, both new buildings and renovation of existing ones.
EAE stands with Ukraine
7. March 2022
EAE has set itself the task of organizing a dialogue across national borders. We are deeply convinced that there is more that unites people than divides. Consequently, respecting one another is one of the core values of our association – independently from nationalities, genders, ideologies or religious views.
1. March 2022
Not every thermal insulation of external walls deserves the name ETICS. Did you know that External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) have first been installed in the late 1950ies to improve the thermal resistance of external walls?
See what EAE is doing
1. March 2022
Curious in what EAE is doing? Our Annual Report 2021 & Outlook 2022 has just been released. It briefly describes how EAE is engaged on behalf of its members to follow-up political and legislative initiatives to make the Green Deal happen.