EAE, the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) celebrated as part of the 5th European ETICS Forum held 16th September 2021, the first ever EAE Awards for outstanding energy-efficient buildings in Europe using ETICS.

Alessandro Siragusa from the Italian ETICS association Cortexa and EAE board member for marketing affairs explained the objectives of the competition: “With this award, we are awarding energy-efficient, technically innovative, sustainable and aesthetically sophisticated façade solutions that showcase what is possible when using External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems.” More than 50 projects from ten European countries were submitted. The five-member independent jury select-ed the winners out of four categories (new single-family homes, new multi-family homes, residential refurbishment, non-residential buildings). They also honored some projects with special mentions.

Winner: Private residence Project VL-L in Linden (Belgium)

© Annick Vernimmen

The extraordinary architecture could only be realized by using ETICS. In parallel a perfect integration of this modern building into the environment was achieved.

Winner: Matadorka building in Petržalka city district, Bratislava (Slovakia)

© Tomas Manina, eye one s.r.o./eye two s.r.o.

The sculpture-like façade convinced the jury by integrating specially designed balconies whilst considering all requirements of the Slovak building code.


Special Mention: GlobeWorks, Birmingham, United Kingdom

© Mummy Bear Photography UK

New construction of in total 520 student flats, build on a brown field (former warehouse and industrial buildings). Brick slips have been used as final layer to adapt to traditional building design, showcasing the variety of design options ETICS offer.

Winner: Villenkolonie Westend, Berlin (Germany)

© Kingspan Germany

The ETICS with slim panel thickness but high insulation properties improved the energy-efficiency whilst optimizing the partially damaged façade of the complex, which dates back to 2000.


Special Mention: Viale Gran San Bernardo, Aosta (Italy)

© I.V.I.T. Energia/Andrea Gadin

At the building form 1935 historic details have been handled carefully. Replication technologies were used to preserve the original appearance of the façade, e.g. the brick structure of the ground floor.


Special Mention: Goethehof, Vienna (Austria)

The project solved the challenge of both restoring and expanding a listed building from 1929. Whilst adding 129 roof-top flats, improving the energy-efficiency and reducing barriers, the historical elements of the building blocks were preserved without destroying cultural heritage.

Winner: Maison de la Culture de la Province, Namur (Belgium)

© Quentin Olbrechts, Samyn and Partners
Outstanding setting the scene of the complex comprising modern and historical elements using ETICS, heat pumps and solar energy.

All winners, special mentions and nominees of the EAE Awards 2021 are presented with more details, clients, architects and additional pictures on:



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Additional pictures available upon request: info@ea-etics.com.

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