The application period ended 15th February 2021.

We have received more than 50 submissions from across Europe!
A big thank you to all applicants for this amazing result.

Now the jury will take the difficult task to assess the projects received. We will prepare a short list that will be published here. The winners will be announced 16th September 2021.

Mitch Gee

Mitch Gee has worked in the construction industry since leaving university in the early eighties and has been involved in the ETICS industry in the United Kingdom for 25 years. Having worked for a leading insulation manufacturer before becoming a shareholder and Managing Director of an ETICS manufacturer helping to build the company into a market leader for the provision of ETICS in the UK. For the past 4 years he has chaired INCA, the Insulated Render and Cladding Association, the leading organisation representing the ETICS industry in the UK.

Mitch Gee

Dr. Clemens Hecht

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Dr. Clemens Hecht is spokesman of EAE‘s Austrian ETICS association and became EAE board member for technical affairs in 2013. In this role he is responsible for technical guidelines (e.g. the Austrian application quideline VAR), Austrian representation in the CEN working group ETICS; training and certifcation of craftsman (ZFV), PR and cooperation with national and international associations. Main topics are the quality of systems and application on site. Furthermore, the Austrian ETICS association awards the ETHOUSE Award every two years for outstanding thermal renovation, considering both architectural and technical aspects.

Adrian Joyce

Secretary General of EuroACE – Energy Efficient Buildings, whose members are Europe’s leading companies that provide the products, equipment and services that go together to create highly energy efficient buildings. EuroACE monitors the work of the EU Institutions and consistently calls for an ambitious EU policy and legislation framework that will deliver highly energy efficient and decarbonised buildings by 2050. It also works to ensure the establishment of the market conditions that will encourage, among other things, a significant increase in energy-related renovations to existing buildings.

Adrian Joyce is also the Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, which was initiated by EuroACE in 2011 to stop energy waste in buildings. Its ambition is to reduce the energy demand of the building stock in the EU by 80% by 2050 as compared to 2005. The Campaign now counts nearly 50 partners and nearly 50 high-level champions that support its objectives and actions.

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Adrian Joyce is a professionally qualified architect who, having graduated from University College Dublin in 1984, spent 17 years in private practice (working in the UK, France, and Belgium and in his native country, Ireland) before getting involved full-time in architectural policy. He was, for 18 months commencing in January 2002, the Practice Director of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland before moving to Brussels to join the staff at the Secretariat of the Architects’ Council of Europe where he became Director before leaving in July 2011.

He holds a part-time post teaching Construction Technology at the Catholic University of Louvain-le-Neuve, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urbanism – LOCI. He was Chairman of the Coalition for Energy Savings from May 2017 to December 2020.

Ing. arch. David Mares

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Ing. arch. David Mares is a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects. He graduated on Faculty of Architecture of Brno University of Technology in 1997. Together with his partners he founded an outstanding architectural studio triarchitekti in Prague, where he is responsible for large scale of projects varying from living house design to urbanism. Important part of his work concerns with reconstructions. Basic feature of his creation is suitability, respect to the physical and social context and especial accent on environmental consideration.

He is an experienced jury member and took part in a number of juries in the Czech Republic. Among those ThinkArch, an exhibition of such designs and examples of constructions that show elements of sustainability, more efficient use of materials and energy, and at the same time emphasize the improvement of the quality of the environment.

Prof. Zuzana Sternova

Prof. Zuzana Sternova is EAE’s Vice President, Director of Building Testing and Research Institute (TSUS), NPO in Bratislava and Chairwoman of the Slovak Association for ETICS (OZ ZPZ). Her main focus is on research, design, consulting and diagnostics in the area of energy performance of buildings, renovation of existing buildings and improvements of thermal protection. She supported the implementation of the EPBD. Prof Sternova is an author of some national technical standards (thermal protection of buildings, performance of ETICS). She is Chairwoman of national TC 58, mirror to CEN/TC 89.

The publication activities of Prof Sternova are related to building energy performance of buildings, indoor climate, thermal protection, ETICS and renewal existing buildings. She started in 1978 as lecturer on technical universities. From 2007 she has been lecturer in official trainings for energy certification of building (EPBD). She participates in different research projects at national and international level. She was the leading person of several pilot and demonstration projects in Slovak Republic for the renovation of buildings. The last of which was awarded as the best renovated apartment building at the NZEB level.

Sternova_Zuzana portrait