Fabric first

Benefits for the environment, the economy and the people


Good for our environment

  • Being responsible for 40% of total energy consumption and 36% of its CO2 emissions, Europe’s building stock offers a huge leverage to fight against the climate change.
  • Minimizing the energy demand of the building stock eases the shift to renewable sources. This saves renewable energy potential needed for other sectors to make the energy transition happen.
  • ETICS protect external walls from the elements, supporting the durability of the building structure. ETICS have proven in practice their durability and long-term performance.
  • The ETICS sector takes responsibility for the sustainability and the circularity of systems.

Good for our economies

  • Upgrading buildings’ envelopes with ETICS contributes to the recovery of national, regional and local economies. Projects are Trowel Ready. Small and mid-sized enterprises will benefit.
  • We will have a strong economy whilst tackling climate change. Energy efficiency renovation is an investment for our society, not a cost.
  • Energy-efficient buildings with ETICS create added value. Living space of the property is maintained. Rentability and property values are improved.
  • ETICS support the energy transition, making Europe’s economy less dependent on energy imports. This strengthens Europe’s competitiveness.

Good for the people

  • We spend over 90% of our lives inside buildings. Thermal comfort and indoor air quality have impact on our health. ETICS create a cosy indoor atmosphere in winter and cool temperatures in summer.
  • ETICS contribute to a people-centric, friendly living environment. Children learn much better in healthier schools.
  • Energy-efficient buildings help to fight energy poverty. Millions of European citizens cannot afford keeping their homes adequately warm. Thermal insulation relieves them from operating costs.
  • No disruption to occupants while ETICS are applied.

Good for the building design

  • Designing facades with ETICS upgrades the appearance of buildings and districts thanks to the huge variety of system configurations, colors, facing structures and detailing.
  • ETICS are applicable in new build and renovation.
  • ETICS-on-ETICS application is possible to upgrade previously insulated facades.