Our vision

  • EAE is the voice of ETICS in Europe.
  • EAE is an active topic driver and acts as the first point of contact for third parties.
  • EAE sets its own topics in the climate protection debate, which are considered in European legislation.
  • EAE communicates the central importance of the building envelope as a trailblazer for other industries in achieving the climate goals.
  • EAE is up-to-date and well informed, early communicator and reliable contact for politics and administration. It focuses on topics relevant to the building envelope.
  • EAE’s self-image is achieved through the active formation of opinions in the interaction of the actors and products related to the building envelope.

Our mission

  • EAE creates unique experience and a powerful network aiming for a level playing field in the Single European Market for ETICS.
  • EAE successfully represents the political interests of its members to seize reliable framework conditions for their businesses.
  • EAE promotes that energy-efficient building envelopes using ETICS are substantial to contribute to achieve climate targets.
  • EAE supports the establishment and control of quality measures along the value chain (designers, suppliers, applicators) at European and member state level.
  • EAE shapes developments in the field of energy-efficient building envelopes.