Who we are

EAE – European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

orange house surrounded by yellow stars on front of a map of Europe colored in blue in the background
  • EAE is the voice of ETICS in Europe, representing more than 80 per cent of Europe‘s revenue from ETICS.
  • EAE’s common aim is to improve the energy efficiency of Europe’s huge building stock, working towards a “culture of sustainability” in the construction sector.
  • EAE supports technical developments in the systems, products and technologies, sharing experience and keeping ongoing dialogue with European institutions and stakeholders.

Our activities

  • EAE promotes the multifold benefits and the variety of ETICS via common public relations; transfer will be improved by networking.
  • EAE initiates joint projects to create technical standards and common solutions improving the economic and life-cycle-performances of ETICS.
  • EAE operates the lobbying proactively, pointedly and where necessary in association with political partners to create majorities for its concerns.
  • EAE defines its positions by forming opinions within the association, sharing national and international best practice examples

The following graphs illustrate the key topics and work items as reviewed and approved in 2022.

Key topics

Work items