The European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE) continues to grow. This became clear at the general meeting in Prague on May 20, 2022, at which board elections were also on the agenda.

The governing body was unanimously re-elected by the delegates. Only the previous board member for marketing affairs, Alessandro Siragusa from the Italian ETICS asso-ciation Cortexa, resigned after six years in office because he was taking on more re-sponsibilities in his company. To replace him Diego Marcucci (Cortexa) was elected, who has been Chairman of the EAE Marketing Committee for a number of years. This position will be filled during the later course of the year. The EAE Board is thus composed as follows:

  • President: Jacek Kulig from the Polish ETICS Association SSO
  • Vice President: Zuzana Sternova from Slovakian ETICS association OZ ZPZ
  • Technical Affairs: Clemens Hecht from the Austrian ETICS Association QG Thermal Insulation Systems
  • Marketing Affairs: Diego Marcucci from the Italian ETICS association Cortexa
  • Finance and Public Affairs: Christoph M. Stolz from the German ETICS association VDPM

The auditors Rüdiger Lugert (Keimfarben) and Markus Niermann (Heck Wall Systems) were unanimously confirmed.

New EAE members

Thanks to the positive development in membership numbers over the past two years, the extraordinary members now have three spokespersons. Arnaud Duvielguerbigny (PU Europe) and Dr. Andreas Kiesewetter (DAW) were confirmed in their positions. Carina Grebe (EJOT) was newly elected – also unanimously.

The new EAE members since the beginning of 2022 are:

  • APU AG
  • BASF
  • Henkel Ceresit
  • Wienerberger Building Solutions

EAE supports German Energy Advisors Network (DEN)

As a guest, Hermann Dannecker introduced the German Energy Advisors Network (DEN e. V.) to the EAE members. With the increasing need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in view of the war in Ukraine and to implement the future requirements of a revised EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), qualified advice and project support are becoming increasingly important. Dannecker asked EAE members to support in their countries the networking of energy consultants at European level following the example of the EAE for the ETICS industry. Ralf Pasker assured the support of the association. Contacts be-tween the EAE and DEN will be continued in the coming months.

Pictures (© EAE):

  • EAE-GM_new board 2022-05-20: The newly elected EAE Board (from left to right): Diego Marcucci, Jacek W. Kulig, Prof. Zuzana Sternova, Dr. Clemens Hecht, Christoph M. Stolz
  • EAE-GM_participants_1 2022-05-20: EAE General Assembly 2022 – over the roof tops of Prague
  • EAE-GM_APU welcome_1 2022-05-20: Peter Jörimann (APU) receives the EAE membership certificate from Ralf Pasker (left)
  • EAE- GM_Ceresit welcome 2022-05-20: EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker (left) handed over the membership certificate to Jacek W. Kulig (Henkel Ceresit)

About EAE

The EAE is the European umbrella organization of ETICS associations from 12 European countries, the five important European associations of the supplier indus-try and 17 leading manufacturers and research institutes. The EAE represents more than 80 percent of the European market for ETICS and ETICS components. The EAE is a member of Construction Products Europe, the European Association of Building Materials Manufacturers, and of ECCREDI – The European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation. In addition, the EAE repre-sents the European ETICS industry in the standardization committees of CEN, at EOTA and in relation to the European Commission and other institutions. The EAE is also a partner of the Renovate Europe initiative.

EAE members


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