EAE has set itself the task of organizing a dialogue across national borders. We are deeply convinced that there is more that unites people than divides. Consequently, respecting one another is one of the core values of our association - independently from nationalities, genders, ideologies or religious views.

The more we are shocked by the terrible pictures that reach us from the Ukraine. This aggressive war not only threatens a free and independent country. Even worse, millions of innocent people are suffering.

There is no justification for this, and we join in condemning this war, which endangers the independence of Ukraine, the lives of many people, but also the freedom of the European continent.

If there are any signs of hope in these times, then it is certainly the great willingness to help that we observe in the countries bordering Ukraine, but also in the other member countries of EAE. We have hopes in the community of states moving closer together and their coordinated measures. What makes us hopeful is to hear voices from Russia that clearly oppose the military conflict induced by their leaders, not by the Russian people. We hope that soonest possible fighting will end, and a fair and durable political solution will be found as we have friends, colleagues and partners in both countries.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have to fight a senseless war on both sides. With all those who are separated from their families, are holding out with their loved ones or are fleeing Ukraine. We think of all those people whose fears and worries we can’t even begin to imagine.

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