Willco Products NV is a family-owned Belgian company with long experience in wall cladding and wall insulation. They are supplying renders and ETICS to professional installers mainly in Flanders, Wallonia and Luxembourg. Willco offers a variety of ETA and ATG approved ETIC systems. They are in parallel members of EAE’s Belgian member association Xthermo.be.

Our ambition is: quality for every façade”, Willco owner Geert Coppens explains. “Our customers, a country-wide network of independent well experienced and well trained installers, offer high quality and extremely performing ETICS façades, combined with attractive looks. We promote only closed systems in order to guarantee project owners long lasting, attractive façades. We help our ‘100 % Willco Products installers’ by communicating with house owners regarding to maintenance and assistance for lifetime performance of our systems.

EAE membership creates the direct link for Willco to latest regulatory and technical developments on European level. EAE’s network and involvement helps to establish a Single Market for ETICS and to create a long-term reliable framework for the European ETICS sector.

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