After their membership has been confirmed earlier this year, EAE Managing Director Ralf Pasker was invited to the Baumit Group headquarters in Wopfing/Austria.

He was welcomed by Dr. Jürgen Lorenz (R&D Strategic Projects), Michael Haindl (Chief Product Officer) and Günter Neubacher (Head of Marketing). They introduced Baumit Group as one of the leading ETICS manufactures in Europe and beyond. It became visible, how the group’s corporate philosophy is translated into practice: “We empower our partners to build healthy, energy efficient and beautiful homes for a sustainable future.”

Ralf Pasker introduced EAE and explained how members engage in the committee meetings, the more distinct work in various task groups and in developing joint positions to establish regulatory framework conditions that serve the people and the ETICS sector. Together EAE members develop joint positions aiming for a level playing field in the Single European Market for ETICS (e. g. CEN standards, EOTA, Construction Products Regulation) and to demonstrate that energy-efficient building envelopes using ETICS are substantial to contribute to achieving climate targets.

In fruitful dialogues participants identified a common view on latest legislative developments at European level and the willingness of the ETICS sector to contribute to achieving the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal and the European Commission’s Renovation Wave initiative. They looked forward to working closely together in the association.

Later Gerald Prinzhorn, CEO Baumit Group, joint the team and Ralf Pasker took the opportunity to hand over the Certificate of EAE Membership in person. Finally, Dr. Jürgen Lorenz took Ralf Pasker on a tour through the Baumit facilities, including the VIVA Park where small sample buildings using different wall structures in combination with interior and exterior facings are scientifically monitored. It has been proven that “insulation first” not only contributes to reduce energy costs significantly, but also ensures a balanced interior climate and improves the overall living comfort.

The picture shows the handing-over of the Certificate of EAE Membership. From left:  Dr. Jürgen Lorenz, Gerald Prinzhorn, Ralf Pasker, Michael Haindl, Günter Neubacher.

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