Numerous CEO’s of EAE member companies co-signed a joint position paper of 35 CEO of various companies manufacturing products to improve the energy performance and the energy-efficiency of Europe’s huge building stock, representing over one third of our GHG emissions.

Therefore, it is vital the Green Deal’s last cornerstone adequately reflects the importance of this sector towards meeting climate goals. The joint CEO letter states that beyond this, efficient buildings and energy renovations exemplify the green transition’s objectives: they create local jobs, shelter European citizens and businesses from high energy prices, and improve overall living conditions.

Speed is of the essence but the EPBD’s ambition should not be sacrificed in the name of a quick deal. We count on the European Commission to stand strong and defend this important piece of legislation.

This Directive can become the EU’s industrial policy for the construction and energy efficiency sector.

We particularly support:

– A flexible, yet solid approach on Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS): It will provide necessary market visibility and encourage investments throughout the renovation value chain, unlock further production capacity and help companies optimise and scale up training programmes. Clear timelines and benchmarks will also help to better plan renovation works whilst improving living conditions for millions of citizens in their homes and workplaces.

– Increased access to quality information and guidance: Public and private One Stop Shops and information tools such as Energy Performance Certificates, Renovation Passports and the Smart Readiness Indicator must be rolled out to better inform and simplify renovation works.

– New instruments are needed to mobilise finance: EU and national funds can be used more efficiently to cut costs for homeowners, and dedicated mortgage portfolio standards and renovation loans can facilitate access to finance.”

The CEO’s conclude: “Europe cannot afford to lose another decade when it comes to energy efficiency in buildings. The EPBD can unlock the full benefits smart and efficient buildings provide. Our industry is ready to deliver.”

Read more in the CEO letter here.

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